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On 21st December 2006, the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. celebrated the 47th anniversary of foundation. The Post, Telephone and Telegraph of Kosovo were established in 1959 under a Decision no. 1115497/1-1959 of the Steering Council of Yugoslavian PTT Communion. Then, as of 13.09.1990 all the Albanian employees and other minorities who disagreed with the politics of Milosevic were driven out of their workplaces by force.

During the war all the office items and assets of the PTK were stolen, demolished, and some of them completely damaged. After the war, negotiating teams of the PTK, KFOR and UNMIK enabled the legal return of employees to their workplaces.

At that time, postal services were unfeasible whereas the Telephony and Telegraphy of Kosovo as well as international connections were almost inoperative.

After 6 years of efforts, PTK has established following three business units: Post of Kosovo, Telecom of Kosovo, and Vala mobile network operator. These three business units of the PTK are licensed by the Kosovo Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. On 29 June 2005, PTK was transformed into a joint-stock-company under the new name of PTK J.S.C. PTK J.S.C. has actually a five years business plan with an investment of 550 million euros.

Vala mobile network operator is already providing a variety of services to its customers.

Vala has expanded its mobile network in almost 90% of the territory of Kosovo, and it has for a long time now been providing GPRS (general package radio service), MMS and SMS services to all its customers.

PTK J.S.C. signed a contract with UNMIK Railways to expand optical cables/fibres through railways. The contract signed with Alcatel in the summer of 2005 will also expand and advance the fixed network to an NGN (Next Generation Network).

In 2004, the PTK Management convinced UNMIK to submit a request to the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) for the approval of the international telephony code for Kosovo.

Training and Development Centre was established, and it supports the improvement of the PTK employees, wherein daily trainings in accordance with international standards are being held.

The incorporation process of the PTK and its transformation into an internationally recognized joint-stock-company is a merit of the PTK management.

PTK, as a joint-stock-company, has a clear future vision and mission.

Mission of the PTK is: "To always be the leader in providing superior (communication) services that improve the lives of all Kosovars, through the passion of our people and leveraging proven cutting edge technologies. To be the driving force in creating prosperity for the nation and enriching the lives of Kosovars everywhere".

Whereas our Vision is: "To be the driving force in creating prosperity for the nation and enriching the lives of Kosovars everywhere".

Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. has since July 2005 launched its web-site: www.ptkonline.com, wherein all those interested may look through the latest offers and developments of the PTK J.S.C. to include the actual PTK facing problems.

PTK J.S.C. has approximately 2.480 full-time employees and following is the organizational structure. Apart from three main units, PTK J.S.C. also has following support units:

Finance Department, Commercial Department; Procurement Department, Legal Affairs Department, Human Resources Department, Training and Development Department and Corporate Communications Department.

Lack of international telephony code is the cause that still impedes the development of the PTK, in comparing with other operators in the region and farther.

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